Looking back at timeless characters of television

Collage of iconic characters in TV. Photos: Collected


Collage of iconic characters in TV. Photos: Collected

The 80’s and 90’s gave us some of the most memorable television characters.

Kankata Ramzan, Hurmoti, Mastan Helal, Seraj Talukder, Moti, Muna, Shahed, Nilu Bhabhi, Misir Ali, Chhoto Mirza and Mofiz Pagla are just a few names that have carved a space in the hearts of audiences.

While some characters were villainous, others made us laugh and cry.  

Back in the 90s, people protested and brought out processions on the streets, against the execution of Baker Bhai, a fictional character played by eminent actor and Member of Parliament Asaduzzaman Noor in “Kothao Keu Nei”. Written and directed by Humayun Ahmed, the series revolved around the adventures of an endearing gangster. It remains one of the most beloved television shows in the country to this day.

Baker Bhai and Muna from Kothao Keu Nei.


Baker Bhai and Muna from Kothao Keu Nei.

Another popular character in this series is the beautiful Muna, played by Suborna Mustafa. Muna is an educated and independent working woman, whose parents passed away when she was only a young girl. Whenever there is a clash, confusion or crisis in the house, she tactfully resolves them. Muna and Baker Bhai always have each other’s back during their downfalls in life.

Humayun Faridee became a household name with his memorable performance as ‘Kankata Ramzan’ in the popular 90’s series “Shongshoptok”.

A scene featuring Kankata Ramzan and Hurmoti from Shongshoptok.


A scene featuring Kankata Ramzan and Hurmoti from Shongshoptok.

Ferdousi Majumdar’s Hurmoti remains one of the most iconic character on television. Fans still call her by the character’s name.  

Malu played by Mujibur Rahman Dilu on the same series, was also a favourite among audiences.

Khalil’s character Seraj Talukder in the tele-fiction “Bhangoner Shobdo Shuni” was also one of the most talked about characters. Although his character was negative, people still fondly remember the actor for the role.

The character of Nilu from “Eishob Din Ratri” got a lot of appreciation and love from audiences. Nilu’s role was played by veteran artiste Dolly Zahur while her husband’s role Shafiq was played by the late Bulbul Ahmed.

The role of Magician Anis was played by the late Khalid Khan, and the role of Tuni’ played by Nayar Sultana, were popular among audiences.

“Chi Chi Chi Tumi Eto Kharap” , a dialogue by Mastan Helal from the tele-fiction  “Rupnagar”, became popular among the audiences. People still fondly remember Khalid Khan for the iconic role of Mastan Helal.

Mastan Helal and his gang from Rupnagar.


Mastan Helal and his gang from Rupnagar.

Humayun Ahmed’s famous character Misir Ali holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.  The first tele-fiction to air on TV based on Misir Ali was “Onno Bhuban”, starring Abul Hayat as the lead character. Although many actors have played the role of Misir Ali since then, none have been able to reach Abul Hayat’s popularity.

Pijush Bandyopadhyay played the role of Shahed in the tele-fiction “Shokal Shondha”. This character was also a fan-favourite.
Another iconic character played by Asaduzzaman Noor was Choto Mirza in the tele-fiction “Ayomoy”. The character had two wives which were played by Subarna Mustafa and Sara Zaker.

The character of Elachi Begum was played by Sara Zaker in the tele-fiction “Ayomoy” was also famous.

Choto Mirza’s ‘lathiyal’ Hanif was played by the late Mozzamel Haque. The way he used to cough with every word is something that remains popular among audiences.

The character of Farid Mama is a notable character in the series “Bohubrihi”. The role of Farid mama was played by Aly Zaker. Abul Khair’s performance as the grandfather was also memorable. “Tui Rajakar” is an iconic dialogue from the series.

The character of Rohima Khala, played by Mahmuda Khatun, is also popular among audiences. Another popular drama of the 90’s is “Shuktara”. The character of Kasir Uddin was played by the late Dr Enamul Haque.

The character of Moti in the series “Aj Robibar” is also beloved amongst audiences, especially for his dialogue, “Kuwa Dhukher Kuwa”. Zahid Hasan played the endearing character of Anis in the series. His character is popular among audiences till date.

Pagla Mofiz played by Zahid Hasan in the tele-fiction “Shobuj Shathi” is an iconic character on TV, especially for the way he carried a ‘lathi’ (stick) on the show.

“Matir Pinjra” was a one-hour tele-fiction. Nandayler Yunush, played by Asaduzzaman Noor, was a killer in the series.

Whether they were main roles or supporting ones, these television characters were scene-stealers and kept audiences coming back for more.

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